My Plan to Take Over the World

Since school is about to begin, I have had no time to even think about my blog. My 12 year old  son, wbo enjoys reading the tall tales I sometimes write, thought he could help me out by becoming a guest blogger. Watch out world! I give you the mind of David (and forgive me for all the 💩). 

My plan to take over the world:
When I die, I’m going to be cremated and be spead across the horizon until I land in grass. 

I will be eaten by a cow then pooped out. I will then become fertilizer for more grass to grow. Then, I will become the grass. 

I will get eaten by another cow, named Betsy, to then be made into milk. 

I will be drunk by a guy named Ben. He then poops me out, because the milk didn’t react well wih the gas station noodles he ate earlier.

From the sewer, I enter the ocean and become a flesh eating bactieria. 

So, I kill abunch of fish, and then enter a water reservoir. 

I enter people drinking the water and kill a bunch of people. I spread across the world killing every living thing on earth. 

Then, I go into outer space and wipe out all life in existence!

The End

Benefits of that Vacation

Travel is the best gift you can ever give someone.  The experiences we have outside of our own little corner of the world serve to grow and strengthen us as fellow human beings. For me, I can also get away from the routine.  I come back refreshed and ready to take on anything (as well as exhausted, because I want to do as much as I can when visiting destinations).

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U.S. States visited so far

Our family started the tradition about 6 years ago that instead of presents for holidays, we would go on a vacation.  Our kids were on board with that plan – believe it or not.  We are be no means world travelers – simply because our family of four budget doesn’t allow for it.  But, we have been to many states and a few countries surrounding the U.S. as well.  Our family vacations are experiences our children will never forget – their minds soak in so many new sites, histories, and cultures.  We are truly blessed to be able to have these adventures as a family.

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Countries visited so far

So, even though the Dalai Lama really did not suggest it, I believe we should all live it. “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before,” – whether it is 30 minutes from home or 3,000 miles away.

I will be sharing a few of our journeys in future posts. Please, comment if you would like to suggest a place for us to visit!